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About the Centre


The first ever photograph used for Sai Bhajans when the first Centre started in London UK in 1970

In August 1975, Swami was approached by Damyanti Puri through Dr S Bhagwantam, a very senior office bearer of Sai Organization in Puttaparthi, for Swami's permission to open a Centre in Central London. This request was made, as there was just One Centre back then and the devotees from the far off places from Greater London had to travel long distances to attend Bhajans. Swami very kindly blessed, and the good news was conveyed to us by Dr Bhagwantam.

As it was not very easy to find out a suitable place in London, the beginning of this Centre was made from our house at 102 Sudbury Court Road in Harrow. However, within three months the Centre moved to the then premises of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan at 37 Oxford Street in West End London. This being a Central place, many devotees started joining the Sunday Bhajans. In Bhavan, we first started from the Bhavan's main room, and later started using the rooms on the first floor and second floors, as the ground floor was not able to accommodate all the devotees. Loudspeakers were fixed on all the floors, so that the devotees could participate fully. The Centre continued  in the premises of Bhavan for about a year.


We then found Coram's Fields, the present premises where we hold our Bhajans. During the first two years we could only get the Guides Hall, as the present Band Hall was not available.  With the blessings of Swami we finally got the Band Hall and we continue our weekly bhajans in this hall since then.



Mr Balram Puri

Co-founder of Central London Sai Centre with Mrs Damyanti Puri

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