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Weekly Bhajans        SUNDAY      15:00 - 16:15

Jai Sai Ram,


Central London Sai Centre programme starts at 14:50 on Sunday with a minutes silence and Swami’s Darshan Video


Then at 15:00 the programme starts with Rudram, followed by prayers, Bhajans and Arathi 


Also to Join via YouTube


Sai Ram 

Monthly Narayan Seva    Every 3rd SUNDAY      

2024 Narayan Seva Dates:

16 June 2024

21 July 2024

18 August 2024

15 September 2024

20 October 2024

17 November 2024

15 December 2024

Monthly Calendar

Centre Events

* Calendar events can be added to your Google Calendar 

** If you wish to be added to the Central London Sai Centre mailing list please email 

All are welcome
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